Terror Australis
by Wayne Grogan

A noir detective tale of a rapist dealer in rare books making a lunge for redemption, linked to an Islamic terrorist plot. Australia’s colonial baggage of female terror is ever present as the search hots up for a privileged daughter lost in the trashier reaches of the Sydney underworld. A gritty, literary ride veering between bibliophile dens of high society and the dangerous streets of Kings Cross.

by Wayne Grogan

A brush of fiction inside a frame of fact paints a disturbing picture of the heroin plague the United States inflicted on Australia, its closest ally, in the 1970s. It happened via the Nugan Hand merchant bank, a CIA front set up in Sydney. This masterful novel plots a chessboard of criminality with two grandmasters: mystery man Michael Hand, the Green Beret and CIA operative; and silky-smooth Bernie Houghton, the wheeler-dealer from Texas who was also in the CIA loop.

Heavy Allies is now being developed into a screenplay for a movie.





by Philip Moore

Veteran foreign correspondent Philip Moore has packed the best stories, anecdotes and interviews from more than 30 years in journalism into a globetrotting memoir. Someone Shot the Cook spans his files from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the USA to his native Australia. The unflagging yarns are vivid, compassionate and amusing: from wars and revolutions to coups and drug busts, with chapters full of colourful characters. Tall tales, yes, but all true.



by Wayne Grogan

An epic, poetic trip that parachutes the reader inside the mind and music of Jim Morrison, wildest orphan of the rock gods. This 20,000-word book of finely grained verse is a flashlight on his addictions, obsessions, philosophies, inconsistencies and inspirations. Perceptive, honest and deep to the end, Jim Morrison Jesus Complex is a homage to a hero from an author who has had JM in his DNA for a lifetime.  



by Wayne Grogan

Set in the 1970s maelstrom of drug money, property sharks, spiritual seekers and broken refugees from the big cities, this novel highlights the spiral of Australia’s surfing Mecca into a paradise lost. The gorgeous landscape offers a big canvas for the greatest of all stories – the battle between light and dark.



by Wayne Grogan

A raw, relentless tale of addiction, corruption and murder that moves between the dark underside of Sydney’s waterfront and the smack alleys of seamy Kings Cross. This crime trip through heroin hell is a searing portrait of an addict’s last shot at redemption. Winner of a Ned Kelly Award for Crime Fiction.