Experience is the word

Coups, wars and revolutions; sporting greats and superstars. A veteran foreign correspondent opens his files on a bizarre world full of shakers and newsmakers.


Someone Shot the Cook is a globetrotting memoir from one of Australia's top journalists: Philip Moore, who has spent more than three decades reporting on conflicts, controversies and colourful characters around the world.

The reader moves from White House briefings to kidnaps in Yemen, from a hippy dope town in Australia to the presssure-cooker of Afghanistan, from drug busts in Asia to coups in Cambodia and Papua New Guinea. Moore takes you into the world of the mercenary, from Americans in their designer gear in Kabul to the notorious Mike Hoare and his bizarre band of guns for hire. Moore also lightens the load  with sundry interludes into sport, music and showbiz..

Someone Shot the Cook opens in war-torn Beirut and ends 264 engaging pages later on a flight from San Francisco to New York, with the author interviewing the guitar great, Carlos Santana. "My working life as a journalist began in Australia and has taken me to some  improbable places, and even more improbable stories," says Moore, who now operates out  of  Dubai.    

Deep Line Books has distribution rights to Someone Shot the Cook. 

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